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National Magazine Awards 2014 Finalists Announced | ASME

Thrilled that “If He Hollers Let Him Go” is a finalist for a National Magazine Award. Thank you to all of you who believed in the piece and read all fifteen pages of it. Special gratitude goes to Karolina Waclawiak—my wise editor.

The Wylie Agency

I lost my Twitter account, so for all publishing inquiries please email me or contact Jacqueline Ko of the Wylie Agency. Thanks! 

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You: The BeyHive

I spent the last few months following Beyonce’s BeyHive around America for NPR. So here are my thoughts on Queen Bey and the women and girls who love her. Donna Haraway, my sister, and Black Twitter all make appearances. 

NPR, March 2014

So many thanks to:

Harvard’s Nieman Storyboard, Slate, Gawker, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Longform, Saint Heron, Los Angeles Magazine, Feministing, & BuzzFeed 

for including me on your end-of-year lists.

Much gratitude to Sherman Alexie, Colorlines, The Atlantic, The Millions, & The Rumpus for the kind words on your sites and weekly reading lists.

And to EC, my fantastic editors, and everyone who took the time to read these pieces, I’m so extremely grateful to you all.


Who's the Fairest of Them All? On Hilton Als' White Girls

Recently I was sitting with a friend in her lovely home before a fire, drinking some bourbon, and shooting the shit. She is, among other things, a white girl….

I reviewed Hilton Als’ essay collection.

The New York Observer, December 2013

essex st.

essex st.

If He Hollers Let Him Go

I wrote a piece about Dave Chappelle for The Believer.

Also discussed in the essay: Ohio’s Rolling Farmland, Hippies in Tie-Dye, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Kanye West, Oprah, A Simpler Way of Life, Seventy-Year-Old Comparative Literature Professors in Birkenstocks, Negritude,Thurgood Marshall, Black Activism, Patrice Lumumba, Stepin Fetchit, Richard Pryor, Dick Gregory, Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson, Hemp Stores, Reuben Sandwiches, Dusk in Yellow Spring.

The Believer Magazine, October 2013

Rest in Power, Chinua Achebe

Here is a collection of quotes sent into OkayAfrica as a wonderful tribute to Chinua Achebe. They received some really beautiful words from Junot Díaz,Femi Kuti, & Warsan Shire. I’m very honored to be included in this. Achebe was a titan.